About Us

We are a young, chic and innovative brand based in rainy London, UK. Our aim is to produce top of the range false eyelashes that appeal to a diverse pallet of women.

In 2013, our founder developed an addiction to false eyelashes, and with this came a level of expertise and knowledge.

Our founder’s insatiable addiction for false eyelashes led her on a journey to discover the perfect pair of fluttery falsies and strip lash adhesive, ones that wouldn’t compromise on style - but would deliver on comfort, for her sensitive skin. On her pursuit for luscious lashes, our founder came to the realisation that in order to acquire the false eyelashes she dreamed of - she would have to create her own brand. Thus, the seed for Demure Lashes was planted.

We are excited to present to you our top of the range premium human hair and mink fur lashes. All of our false eyelashes are lightweight, comfortable, unique and cruelty-free and simply marvelous!

Our #SheDemure slogan and collection is inspired by the characteristics of strong successful women. she is Adored, she is a Risktaker, she is Dangerous, she is Unapologetic, she Dresses To Kill.

Brilliantly bold and charismatic, our lashes are for the fearless woman!


Demure Lashes Team